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PixelPoint is a leading developer of restaurant POS, Wireless, Web and Enterprise Software Suites for the restaurant industry worldwide.

Since 1992, PixelPoint has been committed to providing reliable , flexible and easy-to-use point of sale software solutions for table service and quick service restaurants.

  PixelPoint POS Software

Touchscreen Hospitality Solutions
If you are looking for a solution that will help you manage your busy restaurant, staff, kitchen and stock, then start here. We will customise a package that will meet your needs and budget. While our solutions feature the latest touchscreen technologies, we never compromise quality or reliability given the demanding environment of the hospitality industry.

With all the challenges of counter and table service we have solutions that will help your team offer the best service that customers have come to expect. Our solutions take the challenge out of great service and make the job of managing food and coffee orders a breeze.

  HeadOffice Software

PixelPoint HeadOffice is designed for those companies that want to manage their group of restaurants, using PixelPoint's own super stable Enterprise Replication Technology, in one simple, out-of-the-box solution.

Simply stated, PixelPoint HeadOffice is an enterprise management system for the PixelPoint POS system.

Using internet connectivity between your head office and each store, the administrator can program all corporately defined areas of PixelPoint POS and replicate this programming to each location. This means tasks such as enterprise wide menu changes can take place with a click of the button, to every store, in real time.

Want to know the sales totals for all your stores over the past week? No problem, we can even make it automated so on Monday morning those reports are in your inbox.

Managing your enterprise has never been so easy with PixelPoint HeadOffice. Check out our features section for more on this total enterprise management system.

  Web-to-Go Software

PixelPoint's new Web-to-Go software makes on-line ordering easy. Customers simply visit your Web site, place their order and Web-to-Go delivers it, direct to your kitchen printer. There's no better or easier way to build loyalty, increase sales and improve efficiency.

Make it easy for customers to order their favorite menu items on-line, and they're sure to return again and again. Web-to-Go lets customers review their past orders, order from their favorites list, as well as specify delivery or take-out service, order times and any special instructions to the kitchen.

Web-to-Go is a cost-effective and simple way to expand your restaurant's reach and increase sales. Whether you're looking to build a take-out service or expand your existing service to the Internet, Web-to-Go gives you a proven, out-of-the-box solution for launching your "e-business" faster than you'd think.

  MemberShare Software

Share Customers, Loyalty Points and Gift Card data between any number of stores.
Introducing PixelPoint MemberShare, based on PixelPoint's super stable HeadOffice Replication Technology, MemberShare is designed for those restaurants that want to share only customer related information with other restaurants, in one simple, out-of-the-box solution.

Share Gift Cards
MemberShare provides a simple, stable, proven platform to help you implement a gift card program across multiple stores without ever incurring transaction fees. Your users can issue and redeem gift cards right at the POS with redundant, real-time broadcast of the gift card information to all other stores in your organization or group.

Share Customers and Members
MemberShare will make your customer information available across your organization or group. Your customers Credit or Debit Account Balance, photo, address, preferences, and other vital customer details are immediately shared across the stores to ensure that you can provide superior service to your clients with ease.

Share Loyalty Points
Why not blend your Gift Card program with a loyalty points program that really packs a punch? With MemberShare, you can add new customers at any store, allow them to earn points based on what they buy, and give them the freedom to redeem those points at any other store for value.