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POSpro is one of Australia's leading Suppliers of quality Point-Of-Sale Solutions for the Hospitality Industry. With a focus on Restaurants, Cafes, Quick Service and Fast Food establishments, we take great pride in installing reliable hardware, software and providing the best support to our customers.

With our commitment to innovative solutions & customer service excellence, our Mission is:
To provide the most reliable Point-of-Sale system and the greatest quality of Service at the most cost-efficient pricing to all our valuable customers.

With over 100 installations around South East Queensland, we are not the largest but we are the best in the market. We take great pride in every installation we do and make a point of over delivering. We look after our customers with our service excellence.

POSpro works with its customers to understand and meet their needs. We assign a dedicated POSpro Project manager to carry every customer through the entire installation process. We then follow through with our best after-sale service to ensure our customers' peace-of mind in their business operations making their restaurant more efficient and profitable.

POSpro also maintains loyal relationships with its suppliers. In return we receive excellent service, support and price offers that we pass onto our customers. We strive to provide the most cost-efficient pricing to all our valuable customers.

In today's ever-changing business world, everyone is looking for a sharp competitive edge to work more efficiently and cost-effectively in order to make their business more profitable.

POSpro exists to help you make your business more profitable with our reliable, flexible & easy-to-use Point-Of-Sale system.

•  Improving customer satisfaction with proactive services

•  Fast service delivery

•  Reducing labour costs

•  Fine-Tuning inventory management

•  Increasing management efficiency

•  Improving staff management

•  Ease of use for happier employees

•  Detailed/customizable sales & performance reports for your business analysis & decision

•  Allowing you to respond promptly to changes

•  Improving communication within your organization

Hardware Setup
All hardware is setup, preconfigured and tested in our workshop before it arrives at your site ensuring a smooth installation.

Software Setup
Your software will be preinstalled and setup ready for your database to be entered pre installation. We involve you and your staff in this process as it ensures a better and more complete understanding of your new POS once it is installed and you GO LIVE.

A great installation can be the difference between a POS system working reliably or not. We pride ourselves on taking that extra time and going to extra lenghts to ensure your POS is installed right the first time.

The scale of your installation and your staffing level will determine your training requirements. Training tools include Customised Manuals, Computer Training Files and One on One on-site training.