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The ReservIT suite of products provides restaurants with the tools to ensure their guests saitsfaction whilst maximising seating capacity.
Developed with the input from many different restaurants the products cover all restaurants and table management needs.

Reservit Lite is the perfect option for most restaurants. it doesn't require technical staff nor loads of setup or training. After many years of working with large restaurants we know the benefits a full featured system can bring. Reservit Lite is perfectly positioned with just the right features that a 30-150 seat restaurant needs.

Easy to control allocation of tables that are available for booking via the web. One click to stop bookings. Take reservations from multiple pages.

There is no need to leave your web site to make a booking. Reservations made through the web are highlighted and you also can receive email confirmations.

Because guests must first join the dining club you can feel secure in knowing the bookings are genuine.