We have plenty of new stocks with our special discounted prices offered to all customers. For your Paper Rolls & Ribbons Order, Please call 1300 665 770, fax to 1300 665 450, or email to sales@pospro.com.au.

Everyday Tips for Your POS & PC

* If you notice your POS touch screen seems inaccurate, it needs an alignment. Training a supervisor how to perform an alignment can save time if one is ever needed. Or your staff can call us on tech support - 0415 250 954.

* Are you utilising the Coupon System? why not distribute flyers with paper coupons which can be used by the system, there are many possible combinations. If you need some assistance to setup Coupons, there are many resources at your disposal. There is the hard copy manual and F1 built-in BackOffice help, you can email us at info@pospro.com.au to recieve a StepByStep Mini-Manual, or call us on 0415 250 954.